Our second beginner level committee, ECOSOC.

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations System established by the UN Charter in 1945. It currently consists of 54 delegations elected by the General Assembly. ECOSOC coordinates the economic, social, and related work of the fourteen United Nations specialised agencies, functional commissions and five regional commissions. It serves as the central forum for discussing international economic and social issues and formulating policy recommendations for the Member States and the United Nations system. 


At this conference, the delegates will discuss two essential agenda items, the first of which is Gender Discrimination Affiliated Pay Gaps. Unfortunately, this problem is still widespread and hurts people in their daily lives. The second agenda item is Issues Regarding Digital Banking. From identity frauds to scams, many security issues emerged when digital banking was introduced. Today, with the influence of technology, the rise is higher and faster than ever. The safety of digital banking users worldwide must be ensured.


Agenda A: Pay gaps between genders


Agenda B: Problems regarding online banking

Under Secretaries Generals: Burak Eren Ceyhan & Eren Erogulları