We are thrilled to announce our first beginner level committee, FAO!

Food and Agriculture Organization was established in 1943 and became a specialised agency of the General Assembly in 1946 to study agriculture policies. It aims to make the first right and need of living, food, reachable to every person and fight poverty. The importance of the committee is increasing as the world’s main agenda is scarcities. Due to increasing heat, changing climate, and forest fires, many significant agricultural regions are in danger. Furthermore, the type of reasons is not only about nature; rising political tension and embargoes create scarcity in specific areas. In this edition of FAO in ATALMUN’22, the delegates expect to search for modernised agriculture, solve current absences, and make new policies.


Agenda Item: Creating future policies for food sector and agricultural production by focusing on climate change and current global problems

Under-Secretaries-General: Rümeysa Özsaglıcak & Hilal Beyza Tasdemir