Letter from Secretary General

Most Esteemed Participants of Adem Tolunay Anatolian High School Model United Nations Conference,


It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the 6th annual session of our conference. I am extremely honored to be serving you as the Secretary-General in this exceptional conference. 


As the established society of ATALMUN we have once again prepared an out of the ordinary conference and experience for you in collaboration with our Organization Team. We are aware of the changes that happened in the MUN society due to the pandemic and we have dedicated ourselves to accomodate to the newly added necessities in order to present to you the most suitable, fun and academically prepared conference.


Our Executive Board is a tightly bonded group of people that have overcome everything as one. Each and every one of them are well respected, important individuals in the society and have proven themselves with their delicate work in academics and organization. You will experience this one of a kind work ethic during and after our conference as well. The Organization Team led by our Director-General Doğa Duman and her Deputy-Director-General Beren Sahilli consists of truly respectable and well-experienced people in their field. The committees chosen for our conference have been hand-picked by me, our Deputy-Secretaries-General Ozan Deniz Özdemir and Lizge Gündüz with our Under-Secretaries-General in order to let our delegates debate accordingly and come up with creative solutions to the world problems given. 


I sincerely wish everyone a great ATALMUN’22 experience.




Ezo Ferda Topal